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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seasons Shmeasons: Part 1, D.I.A. Mexican

When criss crossing the country this summer many of us will spend a good amount of time in airports. Airports, by and large, suck. They're filled with crying babies, stressed out business types and, worst of all, mediocre food. Well fear not, my little ducklings, for I have some very limited (some would say useless) guidance for you.

Should you find yourself in Terminal East of Denver International Airport and have a hankering for Mexican food (and I always do) then consider taking ten minutes of your itinerary to stop by Cantina Grill.

Three Crispy Carne Tacos: The beef was cooked "Rocky Mountain" well done, which was good considering the location. The lettuce was John Denver fresh and the "hot sauce," while not particulary spicy, possessed an uncompromising, take-all-comers attitude in which the West was tamed. Lastly, the tortilla had all the integrity of an Arkansas River faux fir trader, which is to say none whatsoever; I ended up making a taco salad of my last two tacos.

I slurped down a brew called Agave Wheat from Breckenridge Brewery. This unfiltered Belgian(style)/American(made) wheatbier displayed low carbination, good head retention (in spite of its wide mouth plastic cup), and subtle maltiness. It was slightly sweet and round up front (just like my flight attendant) and was by far my favorite part of the meal.

Overall, I found the tables clean to the touch and, thanks to their rough carved stone appearance, pleasing to the eye. I'd go back for the the view and more beer. Yes. More beer indeed.

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